TEA is the GTK2-based text editor for Linux and *BSD. With an ultimate small size TEA provides you hundreds of functions.

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June 27 2006 - welcome to the new TEA site - http://tea-editor.sourceforge.net. TEA 14 is out. There.

June 26 2006 Crux port of TEA 13.3, maintained by acrux.

June 24 2006 Gentoo ebuild for TEA 13.3, made by Serg.

June 19 2006 - TEA 13.3 is available from SourceForge. I have been premanently reported about the slow connection with TEA main site, so it is possible that all future source tarballs will be uploaded to the SF to improve the downloading speed.

May 11 2006 - TEA 13.3 package for Slackware, by Fred Broders.

May 10 2006 - fresh TEA packages for Zenwalk, by Michael Verret.

May 9 2006 - TEA 13.3 is out. This release is GTK 2.9/2.10-safe. What it means? It means that tabbed layout should work fine when TEA compiled agains the GTG 2.9 or GTK 2.10. But test it please ;)

May 9 2006 - TEA 13.2 packages for Fedora are available at the Downloads page. Thanks to the Michael Krylov.

May 8 2006 - TEA 13.2 is out. A bugfix release.

May 3 2006 - TEA manual PDF version for those people who like to print and read.

April 29 2006 - TEA 13.1 package for Zenwalk, by Michael Verret.

April 29 2006 - TEA 13.1 package for Slackware 10.2. Made by Fred Broders. This package was build with --enable-legacy option, because no more gnomelibs on Slackware.

April 28 2006 - TEA 13.1 is out. The "closing" error is fixed. Thanks for the feedback. Now you can close TEA normally :)

April 26 2006 - TEA 13.0 is out.

Hello! After a relatively long time, here am I with the new release. It is a truly major version, because it has a lot of new features and changes.

At the first of all, TEA has a new "configure"-script. The GtkSourceView supporting mode (chai-mode) is now turned ON by the default. So, to configure TEA source with GtkSourceView and all related stuff, just run "./configure".

The good old configuration mode, where TEA doesn't use GtkSourceView and depends only on GTK, now can be reached using the "--enable-legacy" parameter key. Use "./configure --enable-legacy" to configure the source without the GtkSourceView support.

The French UI translation was updated - thanks to Silvian Cresto. You should also try his CD-burner Graveman.

The new features for programmers. TEA 13 introduces a limited (for C/C++ functions only) ctags support. See "Nav - Browse the symbol's declaration" and "IDE - Refresh tags with ctags" functions, and read the manual how to use it right.

If you have Antiword installed, TEA opens Microsoft Word files in the read-only mode. But it is an optional feature.

Filter menu has some new items: "Extract at the each line" (extracts the content between two separators at the each line), "Extract at the each line before a separator" and "Extract at the each line after a separator". In the "Functions - Strings" menu you can find the "Double quotes to facing quotes" function (in the memory of the AbiWord's recently lost feature like that one).

To the "Find in files" window the "Copy to the directory" button was added. It copies all files from the list (of files those found) to the destination directory.

The functions menu has now a new submenu - "Tools", and the first item there is a "Mass encode tool", which converts multiply files from the one charset to another one.

Changes. Markup mode is saves when it selected from the menu. The "Marking" menu was moved to "Search" menu. "Find and mark" and "Mark lines > n characters" has moved to the "Marking" menu. The backup function now saves the content of a current file. Previous behavior was: copy the existing file to file.bak. The "smart home/end" behaviour is fixed. "Nav - Go to selection" - fixed too. Status line shows the line-ending mode (LF or CR/LF).

I have some more ideas to improve TEA, so stay tuned.

//updated: June 27 2006 by Peter Semiletov